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Featured Special

  This holiday season, count on Burritt's for the finest foods to grace your table. We are proud to provide all the fresh meat, seafood, wine, party trays, prepared foods, fresh produce, cheese, and grocery items you need to make the holiday spectacular.

We recommend placing your holiday order between Monday, December 11th and Monday, December 18th. You may order by phone or in person.

We will be open normal hours (9am-7pm) through the holidays except for 12/23 (opening at 8am, closing at 7pm), 12/24 (opening at 8am, closing at 4pm), and 12/31 (opening at 9am, closing at 5pm). We will be closed both Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Fresh Meat

Black Angus Bone-in Prime Rib: Our most popular holiday roast - maximum marbling, gorgeous presentation. Allow us to cut and tie the bones to make carving simpler. Each bone weighs approximately 2.5lb $13.99/lb 

Black Angus Boneless Prime Rib: Also known as a Delmonico roast - same great flavor as the bone-in option with less mess. $14.99/lb

Black Angus Whole Beef Tenderloin: 6lb minimum weight, $16.99/lb, trimmed and tied for roasting (yield is approximately 2.5lb less than starting weight

Black Angus Filet Mignon/Chateaubriand: no minimum size, 2.5lb maximum per Chateaubriand $25.99/lb

**Wagyu, USDA Prime, and Dry-Aged Beef options are available by pre-order. Please call for prices.

Pork Crown Roast- frenched bones, 8lb minimum $7.99/lb

Local Biehl Turkeys (previously frozen) 11-16lb $3.49/lb

Smoked Turkeys (previously frozen) 12lb each $39.00 each

Frenched Rack of Lamb- approximately 1# each, premium, mild Australia/New Zealand lamb $20.69/lb

Leg of Lamb- premium, mild Australia/New Zealand lamb, boneless $9.99/lb or bone-in $7.99/lb

Sander's Spiral Sliced Honeyglazed Ham 10-12lb $6.59/lb (can be purchased in halves, $6.89/lb)

Sander's Old Fashioned Ham - semi-boneless, 20-24lb $4.19/lb (can be purchased in halves, $4.39/lb)

 Fresh and Smoked Polish Sausage

Holiday Sausage 

Fresh Seafood

Raw Shrimp: shell on 16/20ct, 26/30ct, peeled and deveined 16/20, 26/30, 31/35

Cooked Shrimp: EZ Peel, peeled and deveined 

King Crab

Snow Crab

Fresh cooked lobster meat

Lobster tails

Live lobsters by special order


Oysters in the shell - selection will vary, please call for more info. Bluepoints $0.99 ea

Dry-pack U-10 Sea Scallops $26.69/lb

Fresh fish - subject to availability, selection will include: Atlantic salmon, tilapia, halibut, Chilean sea bass, sole, hake, Arctic char, rainbow trout, ruby trout, walleye, wild salmon, ahi tuna, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, sablefish

House-made crab cakes $19.99/lb  and salmon cakes $14.99/lb

Smoked salmon (pepper, maple, and original) $19.99/lb , smoked whitefish $14.99/lb , lake trout $13.59/lb 

House-made salmon jerky $19.99/lb

Lox: fresh Nova Lox $23.99/lb, other varieties available in our freezer

Prepared Foods

Cornbread stuffing $4.99/lb

Cranberry, sage, and sausage stuffing $6.49/lb

Butternut squash, cranberry, and quinoa salad $6.99/lb

Olive oil mashed potatoes and turkey gravy $5.99/lb and $4.99/lb

Crab stuffed mushrooms $19.99/lb

Corn casserole $6.49/lb

Sweet potato mash with bacon $5.99/lb

Meyer lemon and red pepper green beans $6.49/lb

Lasagna $6.99/lb

Meatballs - Italian and BBQ $6.99/lb

Cole slaw $4.99/lb

Broccoli bacon salad $6.99/lb

Twice baked potatoes $4.99/lb

Lemon caper pasta salad $6.99/lb

Caprese $6.99/lb

Stuffed grape leaves (dolmas) $9.29/lb

Spiral ham by the slice $6.89/lb

Mousse Truffee pate $17.79/lb

Pate de campagne $13.99/lb

Order large quantities in advance. Pre-orders recommended for all prepared foods.


Party Trays

Boar's Head meat and cheese trays available in three sizes: Small (10 people) $39.99 Medium (25 people) $74.99 Large (50 people) $137.99

Custom Trays - cheese, accoutrement, charcuterie, antipasto - any configuration you desire, prices vary widely (minimum $25)

Please order at least three days in advance.


Gift Cards are available in any amount, and we prepare gift boxes and gift baskets to order. Please inquire about options and pricing.